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30 June 2012 @ 12:59 am
Waking up to you never felt so real  
In my last entry, I discussed how shocked I was by the fact that I needed to already start looking at photographers and DJs when I am still 15½ months away from my wedding. Well, clearly I did not take that lightly. Right after attending the venue, I started looking up local photographers and DJs on WeddingWire and writing down questions to ask at meetings so I didn't forget when we actually got there.

Two Sundays ago, we met with our first photographer. I had recently seen the engagement photos of a girl I attended college with, and was immediately drawn to his artistic ability, creativity and style. I had seen him before on WeddingWire as well, and saw he had over 50 reviews, all five stars. While meeting with him, we learned he is also a Merrimack alumni. He showed us multiple albums, his online website and how it worked, and how he corrected and retouched images. It was pretty awesome to watch him transpose a face from one picture to another, as well as remove an entire crowd at Boston Common to only include the bride and groom. Out of the 22 questions I had written down to discuss, I only had to ask one because he answered them all on his own. I was extremely impressed with how professional yet personable he was. All of his photos were beautiful and was generally pleased with the pricing. The only complaint I had was with regards to the price of the photo albums, but it was something that didn't need to be decided on until much later. Leaving the meeting, I knew it would be hard to persuade me to use a different photographer. However, I wanted to do my due diligence by looking at a couple more photographers and then making a decision. Thankfully, the photographer said that, if anyone else inquired about our date, he would let us know right away and allow us the first right of refusal.

Later that week, we met with another photographer. I heard about the photographer from a coworker of mine, and was intrigued because their prices were the cheapest I had seen. Although fairly new to the industry, their pictures were still very artistic and lovely. They also showed us their albums with the many different photo paper and album cover options. They were personable and easygoing. However, I think they lacked the professionalism I was looking for in my photographer. In short, I did not trust that we would get the pictures we were looking for. Moreover, they continuously dropped names of other photographers that we should consider booking. I found that to be a complete turn-off. If I am trying to book you as my photographer, why would you drop names of other photographers we should book instead?

Right after meeting with the second photographer, we heard back from the first photographer we met with who informed us that he had a request from another couple to book him for our wedding date. We were supposed to meet with another photographer the following week, but we needed to make a decision before that meeting. Ben and I discussed our options, and it didn't take too long to come to a decision. We realized that we were more than impressed with the first photographer, and had great faith that he would give us all the photos that we would want on our big day. We weren't willing to take the risk of losing him in order to meet with one more photographer. So the next day, I let him know that we chose him as our photographer. For our day, we will be given two photographers for 8 hours of coverage. We were also given an engagement shoot, a slideshow, online proofs, and a CD of all the high-resolution photos taken with unlimited printing rights. At this moment, I couldn't be more happy with our choice in photographer.

Since I just spent a ton of time writing about the photographers and I am ready to go to bed, I will only talk briefly about the DJ. We met with our DJ at a Starbucks one day before work. He is young (and attractive) and works for a larger, highly recognized and highly reviewed entertainment firm in the area. Our DJ also had a number of great reviews on WeddingWire, which was surprising since he is a relatively new DJ. He was extremely nice and laid-back, and did a great job at letting us know his style and what he does to keep the crowd entertained. Also, because he is a new DJ, his prices are cheaper than anyone else I looked at. He also provides uplighting as an option, which is something I am extremely interested in. I am excited to work with him in the future.

We acted quickly because we wanted to be able to choose exactly who we wanted. We didn't want to be left with only a few options. In the end, Benny and I knew what we were looking for, and all-in-all, I think we found it. Other than doing research and living on Pinterest for gathering ideas, we probably won't make any more purchases for the wedding for a couple of months. Next step is probably (insert slight panic attack here) wedding dress shopping. Other than school, my primary focus will be to start exercising regularly and eating better.

I will write more later. It is almost 1:00am and I am exhausted. God Bless.
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