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23 September 2012 @ 08:04 pm
I can't believe I walked this way in the first place  
Just to put this out there - the subject of my entries rarely have anything to do with my post or how I am feeling. My subjects are determined by to whatever song that I am listening to at the time I start the entry. Even when the subject is relevant to my entry, the subject is always a song I am listening to. Sometimes the song I choose to listen to relates to my mood, or sometimes it is just a song I want to hear, a genre of music I want to hear, or the next song that comes up on my iTunes playlist. Recently, I have been obsessed with this singer named Peter Hollens who sings all his singles/covers a cappella. He is extremely talented with an absolutely amazing voice and an incredible range. I would highly recommend checking him out on YouTube. My subject today is from one of his singles called "Sleepwalking."

I have been pretty busy between work and school. We just got through the 9/15 deadline, but we still have one more big one to go. There is just so much to do and it all needs to be done by 10/15. And it always seems that, when you finally complete one item on your to-do list, you have already added another five items to it. I am just counting down the days until it's over. For grad school, I am taking one course this semester because I really couldn't afford to take another this year. In the end, I am kind of glad that I didn't, because my professor is pretty difficult. I have never had a professor that had so much class participation required. It can get hard though because sometimes after the readings, you don't fully understand until it is discussed in class. These concepts aren't exactly easy or straight forward, especially when you have very little experience in the area. But I just have to do the best I can.

Yesterday, Ben and I went over to Laura's condo for dinner with her and Ryan. They finally booked their venue for May 31, 2014. There are three couples from our group of college friends that are getting married between May 2013 and May 2014. We are all doing three different venues. However, I was thinking about our caterer and realized that they are not only the exclusive caterers for our wedding, but also the exclusive caterers for Laura and Ryan's, and Beth and Durkee's. It's just so coincidental because our caterer only exclusively caters at three venues, and those three venues are the ones we have all booked. Such a small world!

I went to a bridal show today with Benny and my mom, which was absolutely horrendous. There was barely anyone there. And at most shows, they tend to have raffles or things to enter. This show had nothing. We were probably there for 15-20 minutes before we had enough and left. I am excited for the bridal show that is going to be held at my wedding (by my DJ company) next month. Maybe this time I will win something!

I would write more, but I have to get back to doing my homework. God Bless.

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: "Sleepwalking" - Peter Hollens